I am going to share with you today my favourite outfit formula!

Let's get right into it:


1 basic (dark jeans, pencil skirt, basic top) solid colour +

1 interest piece (colour, pattern, texture, shine) +

1 layer piece (jacket, cardigan, belt, handbag) +

Accessories(jewellery, shoes)


Today I chose outfits with jeans, a white shirt, and heels.

Let me explain each one of the outfits, following my formula above:

1. Jeans + none + clutch + nude shoes (it counts as a zero here because of the colour) . Since this outfit is missing 1 element and the shoes and clutch are in nude colour, it's leaving the outfit on the plain side. I would add a statement piece (a ring, a bracelet or earrings). This will finish the outfit better and will make it more interesting.

2. Jean + none + belt + handbag. We are still missing one element, but I think the outfit is well finished as the belt breaks up the look and makes it interesting.

3. Jeans + texture on top + handbag + necklace. Perfect. All elements are in! The texture of the top is quite busy so if this top was in colour, the necklace would be too much. As white over white creates a low contrast, it looks ok.

4. Jeans + bottom part of the top + none + shoes. I like how the shoes add some fun to the outfit. I would add a cool handbag.

5. Jeans + colour and shine in shoes + clutch + necklace. My favourite one! Looks stylish, classy and well finished.


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