I get asked by my clients all the time about how to dress for a night out. So I decided to share some ideas today.

In this picture I was in Miami reunited with my kindergarten friend (left) and her sister last December. Yes, we've been friends for 35 years ;)

There are 3 different ideas here for outfits: Denim jeans, jeans in colour and a jumpsuit. 

I am definitely the more casual of the 3, followed by the bright yellow top and the jumpsuit is the more dressy one.


When picking an outfit for a night out, start by asking yourself, how dressy do I want to be?

Blue denim and light colours will be the more casual, black denim and black pants will be more dressy. 

Then decide if it is a skirt, jeans or dress kind of night.


I love the idea of black pants with a jacket and a sequined top. 

The white flowy dress is super cool too. It has a completely different feeling than wearing jeans or pants. So I actually check if I am feeling more like a sexier outfit or a more feminine one.

Notice how most shoes are light in colour and blend with the skin colour. Remember that is a great way to make your legs look longer. Plus I love it because nude/metallic shoes go with every colour.

Same with pointy shoes, they will make you look taller and slimmer.

In the photo at the top, my friend on the left is wearing. Top: Train a trunk, Jeans: Citizens of humanity, Shoes: Banana Republic. I am wearing, Top: Portmans, Jeans: COL, Shoes: Steve Madden. And my friend on the right, Jumpsuit: Boutique somewhere in Miami, Shoes: Tory Burch.

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