In my life and my business, I am all about being genuine and authentic. I know that having a magnetic personality makes things flow easily for you in your life and business. 

Being nice doesn’t only feel great, but brings more nice things to your life. What we put out comes back at us.

When I say “be persuasive” I do not mean manipulating people. Instead, I mean engaging them, bringing them on board with your ideas and what you have to say. I mean getting them to be open to considering your suggestions in a positive way for the benefit of both of you. 

Manipulation is more about changing who you are or what you think to get others to 'like' you or agree with you.

We are persuading every day, all the time just for different reasons and with a different audience. You are constantly persuading (or at least trying to persuade) your partner, your kids, your colleagues, your boss or your clients. So, let’s look at some ways to make sure we are using those opportunities in the best way. 

Here are my 7 simple ways to be more persuasive: 

1. Use open body language when you talk to people

2. Make people feel important by being fully present when you talk to them

3. Demonstrate genuine interest in the other person's life

4. Ask questions: About their life, their day, their plans or how they are feeling and listen to the answers

5. Tell stories. We all love stories and knowing what happens next

6. Address people by their names, simple yet powerful

7. Smile, smile and smile some more. This is the easiest and most powerful way to connect with someone

Do not underestimate the power in these simple tips. They can truly make a big difference to your ability to connect with someone and convey your message. 

By following these tips one of my clients was amazed at the difference it made to her local coffee shop server. A person who, at first glance seemed to be quite uninterested in connecting with anyone became a totally different and vibrant person when greeted with a smile, eye contact and a genuine conversation. Both of them parted with a happy glow and feeling all the better for the connection

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