Today we are talking about how to wear 7/8 trousers in a business environment and still look corporate/ businesslike?



7/8 trousers are a great way to showcase your shoes!

However you need to be aware of the fact that they can make your legs look shorter. So if you have shorter legs, are very short or you feel heavier at the moment, I recommend you make sure you avoid them. You can get around it if you wear them in dark colours, but match the colour of your shoes to the pants and wear them with high heels. Avoid wide legs, they will make you look heavier.

On the other hand if you have long legs or are tall you can go for them in any colour and leg width

You can make your 7/8 pants look more dressy, by playing with the top, and the shoes you wear them with. Also, keep in mind that the darker the colour of the pants, and the more tapered the leg the more dressy they will look. 

The pants in the picture are dressy. Teamed them with a blouse and a jacket and you will make them even more dressy.

In the picture below the look with black pants is the most dressy, the one with the grey ones is in between and the look with the blue ones is the most casual. Solid and dark colours are more dressy and patterns and brighter colours can be more casual. The blue shoes are the most casual because they are open and because of the colour itself. I would avoid open shoes when wanting to look more professional and credible.


Now, let's look at tops. The brighter blue on the left is the most casual. It looks more like a t-shirt making it more relaxed. The long sleeve with the loose style is the middle. And the white on the right is the more dressy. There are two reasons why it looks more dressy; It is in a solid colour and is a proper blouse in a more fitted style. 


So it is all going to depend on the type of shirt and shoes you wear the 7/8 trousers with. If you add a jacket, in a more fitted structured style you will make them even dressier.

As a general rule loose unstructured styles are more casual. Fitted structured styles command more credibility.

Now it's your turn, what shoes and tops do you have in your wardrobe to team up with your trousers? 

If you have a specific question about how to wear something, please hit reply to this email and I will create an OOTW to answer your question.

Have a lovely week!

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