As women, we can get so obsessed with the parts of our body we don't like. Things from not being at our ideal weight, being upset with the new wrinkles that are appearing or feeling defeated when the new grey hairs start setting in.

But let me tell you, we are getting it all wrong.

Focusing on what is not working doesn’t change anything… but you already knew that.


What if there was a simple and easy way to feel happy in your own skin. If you could learn how to dress in a way that enhances your best features, without having to lose weight. What if you were able to walk with confidence and have more fun being you every day. What if you were authentically sharing who you are with your image and how you communicate.

Imagine how that would affect your relationships, your level of happiness and your success.

There is so much more to your image that knowing if you are a pear of a rectangle. Yes, we will get to that, but first I want you to understand how important it is to hold yourself as the successful woman you desire to be. You must share more of who you are through your personality and make your image a part of this expression.

If you are a Professional woman in Perth, I would love you to join me at one of my next 'Confident Image' workshops. You will learn a new approach to feeling more confident, beautiful and happy in your own skin.

“I still regularly use tips from your workshop every day. If I put something on that I don't love, I no longer feel like ‘I look terrible’ now I think ‘this outfit doesn't work for me’ and I don't take on the emotion of the outfit. Now, I know how to change it to make it look better. And I understand how my mindset affects my image and vice-versa. Powerful”. Sharon

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Can't wait to meet you soon!

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