I have decided to jazz things up a tiny bit today, because really? It is almost the end of another year. 

This is the time I start looking back and thinking about what I have or haven't achieved. However, this year I want my focus to be more about the woman I have become and less about 'the things I achieved'. Bear with me here.... I am getting to the OUTFITS ;)

One of the things I passionately share every day as my core message is loving ourselves for who we are and how we look today. Just like many women I am an expert in criticising how I look or my actions. 

The core element of my work is helping you feel absolutely happy in your own skin just as you are today - not when you make a million dollars or lose the extra weight. Showing you the value of reconnecting to who you are at your core, feeling super confident and living with passion. You see? It is all about becoming your best version!

What does this have to do with clothes? EVERYTHING. We express who we are through our clothes. I can tell a lot about a woman by looking at how she carries herself and what she is wearing. I can see if she is happy with herself, if she is having fun in her life and if she is fully embracing her femininity.

I don't want you to finish another year of your life feeling blah when you look in the mirror! Because I know how it goes.... I want you to be able to smile at your reflection, to walk into your wardrobe and be excited about the amazing amount of possibilities you have to express yourself that day, to walk out of your house feeling confident and on top of the world. Imagine walking confidently into meetings, parties, and Christmas celebrations. Knowing that you are authentically sharing who you are with the world. And most importantly having fun doing it!

Looking good and feeling confident is not something that just happens magically overnight. You make it happen! It is a decision. Are you ready to make that decision today?

I am always expressing who I am with my clothes, and it is SO much fun!

Accessories are just a way for me to change the feel of my outfit. I like bold, dramatic looks, because that is who I am in my essence ;) I fine tune that according to the situation, when I need to come across as more credible. But I NEVER dress for others. I always stay true to myself because I know that will affect how I act and the success of my conversations. 

Here I am wearing jeans and a top from Zara, shoes from Colombia and a necklace from somewhere I can't remember, sorry ;)


I wore this to a casual dinner with friends. You can make this outfit more dressy by wearing a pair of black pants- skinny or straight leg. Take it up a notch by accessorising with gold or silver accessories instead of red.

Are you ready to have more fun with your image, to express who you are and to feel your most confident, bold self?

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Have a fantastic week!

Lots of love

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