I have a bad tendency to resist celebrating my accomplishments. I have become really good at being grateful for everything, but terrible at saying hey Alba, well done!

Not good! Especially when I preach about it and teach people to do this for themselves!

I was the queen of keeping small and I sank myself in self-criticism for years. I had a very strict catholic upbringing (at home and at school) and it was all about being humble, doing good for others, complying with the rules… and there were sooo many......It was all about just fitting in.

Me, on the other hand I have always been full on ;) Big personality, extroverted, animated and passionate. Insecure, yes, but that is another story. I was always told by people, my family and my society to dim my light because I could make others uncomfortable.

At school, they used to sit me next to the nuns at mass in an effort to keep me quiet (they did not succeed) and I have a vivid memory of spending most of year 1 standing at the front of the classroom my hands up being reprimanded for my talkative personality. And let’s not even talk about how it was at home.

Eventually I started dimming my light, I stayed quieter, kept my opinions to myself and became invisible, to me and others. I started to feel there was something really bad about me, why else would I be asked to change who I was?

It has taken me years, many years to learn to embrace me fully. With all the good, the bad and every bit in between. To reconcile all of my life experiences and to realise that all of them make me who I am. And even more important, I now know that I am perfect the way I am, nothing needs to be fixed.

This is not about being pretentious or not being humble. Oh! We women are fantastic at keeping ourselves and our accomplishments small because we were told we were not meant to be shining our light on others or blowing our own horn. That would be so pretentious…

I know now that nothing good comes out of hiding who we are and just criticising ourselves. Seriously, to hell with that. I am celebrating me and want to celebrate you fully too, without judgment, without preconceptions. No more time wasted focusing on what others are thinking, or criticising how your body looks today. No more doubting your abilities, no more shrinking and hiding your opinion or brilliance. No more blending in at work or with society.

7 years ago I went against everything I was raised for and resigned my job as an engineer to follow my passion and true desires. There were a lot of raised eyebrows. I let go of the ‘status’ my successful corporate career gave me, I left behind what had been my identity for years. But believe me! Best decision ever.


The joy of breaking free and allowing myself to be a shining star is hard to describe. My life has completely changed. I have seen it with my clients over and over again as well. And that is why I love the work I do. It is all about us as women embracing our brilliance, our authentic selves and becoming the most bold and bright version of ourselves. Setting ONLY goals that are meaningful to us and living life in a way that has you feeling excited and passionate.

Let's start celebrating now! It all begins with acknowledging all the great things we do every day.

If you are ready to create your boldest and most passionate version, I would love to talk to you. This is the work I do every day with my clients on my programs, and they describe it as a life changing experience.

You know that working on your image is just the icing on the top- or at least it is with my approach ;) Developing an authentic and confident image is a fun process of self-discovery, reconnection to passion and joy and embracing your beauty and femininity fully to create the success you desire in your life

I am here to take you on that journey if you are ready for it. Book a time to talk here

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