Who said looking good means that you have to be uncomfortable?

I only wear fabrics that are stretchy and feel great on my body. I might put myself through some discomfort sometimes with shoes but that is a whole other story ;)

In the end, I love looking good but I am a fan of easy, effortless, quick and definitely comfortable outfits.

This outfit is all of those things. The pants are a super soft fabric and the top is stretchy. My shoes are even the most comfortable I own.

A few things about this outfit: The pants can be dangerous for my body shape - pear, however, the pockets sit completely flat on my hips and even though it has a band there is no extra fabric to make me look bigger around the hips and stomach. Also, you will see that the pants are light coloured - I don't normally wear light colours on my bottom half because they make me look bigger.

The top has a shimmer to it which balances my smaller torso. This is the reason why the pants work, by using the top to balance them out despite the light colour and style.


I want to ask you today, do you have enough outfits in your wardrobe that you love? 

If the answer is no, I lovingly invite you to start creating outfits that you love by shopping with more intention from now on. Your clothes have an energy and if you put on clothes that when you look at them you think blah...that is how you are going to feel.

Make time to clear out your wardrobe, take out everything you don't like or that doesn't fit anymore. Make a list of what you need, and go shopping for ONLY those items.

Start adding pieces that make you feel like a million dollars...and remember they don't necessarily need to cost a lot. When you get the right colour and style for you even a $20 top will look amazing on you.

I am wearing - Pants: COL, Top: Cue, Shoes: somewhere in Milan.

I wore this outfit to take a client shopping.

Make this week a fantastic one!

Lots of love 

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