Colour!!! One of my favourite topics in the world! ;)

I put on this bright and bold outfit the other day.


And I was wondering... are you scared of incorporating colour into your make up or outfit choices? If yes, why?

From my conversations with a lot of women about this topic, I have learnt that most of the time women feel intimidated by colour.

There is this big belief that black is EASY and that it will make you look slimmer.

So really... why not wear it every day??...

The truth is I do not have anything against black, I actually own a lot of it. The question here is, are you wearing black to hide or are you wearing black because you love that outfit? That is a different story ;)

Coming back to colours, I love them because they can make us feel alive and in reality, I find that wearing the same colour every day is boring.

Wearing the best colours for you can make you look and feel alive, younger and even, more capable. We make a choice about how we look every day, why not do it in a way that helps us look and feel beautiful.

You can start by adding colour just to your nails or toenails, to your accessories or to your clothes.

I have seen women who only wear black converted into colour lovers. They found a new and fun way to express themselves. They have learnt that black is not the only way to have a wardrobe that is easy or the only colour to make you look slimmer ;)

I am wearing: Top: Zara, Necklace: Lovisa, Earrings: Mimco, Lipstick: Avon. Colour plumping plum, Nails are SNS #309 (loving how strong and durable this technique is). 

Are you ready to learn how to add more colour to your wardrobe?


I have a gift for you- the 'Perfect Wardrobe  Colour Combinations' FREE guide. 

It is a super easy guide so you can learn how to put colours together like a PRO and understand a bit more about the fun world of colour.

Make this week a fantastic one!

Lots of love 

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