Something happened last weekend that really shocked me! I was going out dancing with friends and I was looking through my wardrobe for something to wear.... and then, THE most undesirable thing happened....

NOTHING would fit me!! Or at least none of the things I had in mind. Since the wedding in May (note: it's been 6 months) I have been...let's just call it OVER indulging a bit in delicious foods.... maybe more than just a bit ;)

So, getting my dresses to fit around my hips and torso wasn't happening nor was getting my skirts over my hips, that wasn't happening either... yuck! 

I have had times where I was definitely heavier than normal, but having like 10 outfits not fit me was quite the shock. I have always been very lucky to be able to eat and eat and not put on much weight... thanks to my Dad's genes ;) My lack of confidence in the past has come more from accepting who I am, not my weight.

Turning 40 and my belief that this was going to happen probably took its toll on me. And there I was: hysterical, depressed and almost in tears, not having anything to wear... and not even wanting to go out.

I ended up finding 'something' and went out anyway. But even my friends could feel my mortified soul in the background without me having to say anything.

Then it hit me! Walk your talk, Alba! Welcome to what some of your clients feel, I thought to myself.

So, there I was the day after, pulling myself together, looking in the mirror, embracing all parts of my body, including these bigger 'love handles', bigger tummy and thicker waist. Loving myself fully, remembering that I am perfect as I am. Accepting that I have created this situation and taking responsibility for it.

A healthier 3 weeks have started already. Food and exercise plan in place. Self-love and acceptance all in place.

Then I started re-organising my wardrobe. I do this all the time, but this time I was even more ruthless. Doesn't fit today? To the back of the wardrobe. Doesn't make me feel good? It goes out.

I started a list of things that I need TODAY to feel amazing with my extra kilos. Then I went on a little shopping trip for what I had on my list.

In the end that is what I teach my clients to do...

So, here is what I was wearing that night when all I wanted was to hide under the table. Not my ideal look, but there is a lesson in this.


I am wearing a top than even though it is loose it's not huge, in a very soft fabric. 

The more extra fabric or super loose fit you wear, the bigger you are going to look.

I'm wearing a high focal point to make me look taller, and I am wearing high heels that definitely make me feel more confident.

Obviously wearing ALL black was not an option for me. I was not going to hide behind black! haha...

The legs of my pants are slim and my shoes are open toe, all this is intended to elongate my silhouette. Very stretchy fabric on my pants too.

By the way, I did end up having a great night! Even when we found that the latin place we were going to was not playing any latin music.

I am wearing: pants: Zara, top: somewhere in LA, necklace: Mimco, shoes: somewhere in Italy.

And no, I did not take this photo that day, wasn't feeling like it at all. I wore it again to take this photo ;)

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Have a fantastic week!

Lots of love

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