Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

If you are new to the WOW NOW community, this is how the 'OOTW' works. Once a week I will send you a photo of one of my outfits. I will explain the individual pieces including the accessories.

I will break down for you how and why they all work together. I will tell you where I got it from and any other useful information you can implement in your life.


Today we are talking Jackets! I love jackets. I haven't worn them as much lately as I do not need to look as credible.

Let me explain that. Jackets, especially ones that are sem-ifitted and structured create a more credible look.

I am not talking black suit and white shirt type of credible. Or at least not for me as that is not my style personality. 

It's my own interpretation of jackets.

I remember discussing this concept with a client who was looking at creating a more credible look. She panicked! I don't want 'that' corporate boring look.

As you can see in these photos I am not wearing the 'traditional' jacket. In fact I only own coloured jackets other than these 2.

I am still wearing my accessories which I love, but I am doing it in a way that makes me look professional and credible. And most importantly it feels like me.

There is always a way to look more credible and stay true to who you are.

The key here is to know how you come across naturally and understand what styles and colours are best for YOU to create an impression that will support your goals.

In the jacket at the top, I am wearing a combination that we called medium contrast, which is considered people friendly and always appropriate. The colour of the jacket is light, making me look a bit heavier on my torso. All good as my hips are wider than my torso, so it creates balance for me. If you don't want your jacket to make you look 'top heavy' go for darker colours and you can go lighter or brighter with the top you wear.

With the striped jacket I have again medium contrast. Most of the stripes are vertical and I have a big V neck, which makes this style a very slimming one. 

Solid darkish colours and stripes will be the more credible than pale colours.

If the jacket has flowers then the pattern will make the jacket a more femenine creating a softer look. 

I actually do enjoy wearing jackets with jeans. It is a very cool look, more casual but nice. Do not be scared of mixing dressier jackets with jeans, especially if they are in colours. Allow your creative self to come out and play with your clothes ;)

I am wearing. Top photo: Jacket: Wish, pants: Saba, Necklace: Swarovski. 

Bottom photo: Jacket: A small boutique in Perth. Earrings and ring: Swarovski.

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