Welcome to this week's 'Outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

Today I am answering Lisa's request to share some ideas on how to wear white pants.

You either love or really dislike white pants ;) I actually like them. However, they are not the most flattering style for my pear shaped body.

My hips are wider than my torso and white enhances the area it is placed on. So I don't exactly like overemphasizing what is already big ;) When I wear white pants, I make sure I create a focal point close to my face, like a statement necklace to balance the enhancing influence on the hips.

If you are top heavy or have more of a rectangular body shape, white pants will work great for you. If you are very tall or very slim they will be great too.

If you are on the heavier side and your hips are wide, just know that white pants will make you look fuller.

White pants can be used to create casual looks (above), very dressy looks (below) and anything in between.

The width of the leg is a very important aspect to consider. The wider the leg the wider the bottom part of your body will look. Take this into consideration if you want to appear taller and/ or slimmer. 

If that is the case, opt for tapered or slim legs.

As you can see in this picture the more dressy looks will have a straight leg or a semi tapered leg.

The fabric used for the pants will have a huge difference on how dressy the outfit will look.

White cargo pants are not my favourite, they can look frumpy. And all those pockets just make us look heavier.

Cropped pants shorten your legs, especially those with a wide leg. If you have short legs or are heavier at the bottom avoid this style. Opt instead for tapered or slim legs and make sure you create a high focal point close to your face as I mentioned above. 

In the photo below, the chequered blouse and white necklace are very balancing and bring the attention closer to the face (high focal point).

White pants can be worn with flats, sandals or heels. I love the fact that you can add any pattern to your shoes and they always work great.

And unless you are wearing a black top I do not recommend you wear them with black shoes ;) It will create a very strong low focal point if you wear a light coloured top with white pants and black shoes. It won't look very harmonius and we want your outfit to harmonise

Enjoy playing with white pants.

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Have a fantastic week!!

Alba xx