Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

As you know by now I am a true believer that you can create a fun wardrobe for work. 

I am an expert in the science of creating First Impressions. So there is a science behind all these concepts. 

I can assure you that there is a way of looking the part while staying true to who you are. And making it fun!

On the Outfit of the Week this week I am sharing with you my 4 MUST HAVE Items to have in your Capsule wardrobe for work.

To look the part you do NOT need to wear only black or white, or gray. That is when your wardrobe starts making you feel plain and you will most likely feel bored with it. I do think that with your basics you can have white, black, grey and beige, but if you are always wearing these colours you will not be seen as a leader.

Let's get on to my recommended items for your Capsule wardrobe

1. Jackets. Structured ones are my favourites. In neutral colours or even better in accent colours.

You can look very professional and credible wearing a structured jacket on a bright colour. It is all about the fit and the colour of the bottom. Also make sure you wear closed in shoes. They are more professional.

For more tips on jackets you can read my OOTW completely devoted to jackets here

2. Bottoms. I definitely recommend you have a black pair of pants, another in a neutral colour and a black skirt.

Since these colours are plain I like adding a bit of detail or pattern to make them more fun. The styles I picked work for all body types. Yes even the straight leg pants ;)

3. Blouses do not have to be boring either.  Yes, they can be classic, but they can also have colour, details or be sleeveless.

I totally believe that you need at least 2 - 3 times more tops than you need bottoms. This will give you many more opportunities to mix and match.

4. And my favourite, accessories.

Even statement necklaces are great for work. You can still look stylish and professional wearing accessories.

Remember the fit is going to be the number one aspect to think about when getting dressed. The right fit + right colour = great look

And when we add the accessories = Amazing outfit.

Are you ready to start trying a different way of dressing for work? I hope after this OOTW you answer yes!

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Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Have a fantastic week.