Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

To answer a few of your questions, today we are talking about sleeves!

I never thought women could be so 'worried' about our arms. In the last few weeks I have been asked many times about the best sleeves to 'cover' your arms. I have to include myself here, as my wedding fast approaches and I am wearing a strapless dress, all I can think about is how to make my arms look better ;)

I want to clarify something first, whether you are getting into winter or summer covering up should never be the focus when deciding what to wear.

That is when getting dressed becomes like a boring chore, as opposed to a fun experience that allows you to express creatively who you are ;)

Let's get into it! Sleeves can create focal points, which is one of the reasons we need to make sure you are wearing the ones that complement your body shape the best. They also have the ability to make you look ‘slimmer’ or ‘bigger’ because they can create a horizontal influence on your torso.

When choosing sleeves, keep these points in mind:

Sleeves can increase the size of your bust if they end at the fullest part of your bust and horizontally to your arms.

Tapered sleeves slim your upper torso, while full sleeves add weight and width. Stay away from full sleeves if you want to make your waist appear smaller.

The shorter the sleeve, the taller you will appear to be.

Use angled cap sleeves if you want to enhance your narrow shoulders.

Wearing spaghetti straps will make your shoulders appear narrower.

Use angled flutter sleeves if you have full upper arms and want them to look slimmer.

If you have full arms, avoid wearing sleeves that end at the widest part of your arms, creating a horizontal line there. Instead, choose sleeves that create diagonal lines.

Tops that have any detailing on the sleeve head (where a shoulder pad would be) can immediately balance wide hips. They are also great if you have a wide waistline. Remember we are taking attention ‘away from’ certain areas.


Every woman I have talked to (in the last 7 years) wants to know how to look taller or slimmer or have more here or less there. I want you to know that the focus should be on embracing and learning how to enhance the best parts of your body. And yes, also learning about how to minimise others.

Understanding what works for your body shape will make a world of difference to your shopping experience in creating a wardrobe that you will love. This will have you feeling full of confidence when you leave the house in the morning.

Make this week an awesome week!

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