Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

If you are new to the WOW NOW community, this is how the 'OOTW' works. Once a week I will send you a photo of one of my outfits. I will explain the individual pieces including the accessories.

I will break down for you how and why they all work together. I will tell you where I got it from and where I wore it, and where you can wear a similar outfit to.


Winter is here! At least in the south hemisphere. 

I get asked a lot by my clients about how to still use dresses during winter.

I really believe that there is a lot from your summer or spring wardrobe that you can still wear in the cooler months.

The dress I am wearing on the left is part of my spring wardrobe. However I wore it last weekend to a dinner with friends. It was a very cold night so I wore it with leggings and boots. 

Adding stockings or leggings to your dresses is the easiest way to staying warm during the cold months.

This will also work for your professional wardrobe

That night out with my friends, I wore a jacket similar to the one on the photo on the right.

If you want to keep the outfit more casual you just have to adjust the accessories you wear and the style of the jacket.

Remember that jackets that are more fitted look more professional than the ones that have a loose fit or are knitted.

You can be creative with your leggings or stockings. You can wear sheer stocking that will just keep you warm, or use patterned leggings.

Darker shades on the leggings are more professional than the patterned ones.


I am wearing: Dress: Seed ages ago, Shoes: Wittner, Necklace: COL, bracelet a present from a friend from Paris

(COL) means I bought it in Colombia. 

Have a fantastic week!!