Today I want to share with you a story. 

I am always eager to improve and take my business one step further so when a client asked me if I wanted some feedback on my marketing, my answer was definitely yes!

However, I was very surprised by her thoughts, she told me that when I spoke of being a “leader in your industry” it didn’t resonate with her at all.

I spent some time wondering about why this message didn’t ring true for her even though she was most definitely my ideal client, and it soon became clear.

As women, we are still afraid of standing out too much and being visible. Becoming a leader in your industry gives you nothing to hide behind, you have to be visible to be a leader!

I hope that you and everyone in my community want to be a leader in their industry, even if it is deep down and they are struggling to find the path to get there.

It’s too easy to hold ourselves back and stay stuck in our comfort zone but nothing great was ever achieved from comfort zones ;) If you don’t step up and say yes to your dreams, you are never going to have a chance of realising them.

How does this sit with you? Are you limiting yourself so you can stay where you feel safe? It can be confronting to face these questions and think about whether the person who is stopping you from achieving your biggest desires is in fact you.

However if you can take some time to be honest with yourself and ask these tough questions with an open mind, you will be able to take your first steps in creating the life you want.

You open the door to new possibilities and suddenly create opportunities for yourself that you didn’t have before. Just by saying – “Yes I do want to be a leader in my industry” you declare that you are ready to stand up and be your authentic self. Life is not a dress rehearsal and you get to decide your true destiny. 

My passion is helping women take charge of their own path and start living authentic lives where they can stretch their wings and aim for the stars.

Are you ready to take charge and become visible?

If the answer is yes! Please make sure we talk. You can book a free, no obligation call with me.

On this call I will get to know you better, answer any of your questions, I will help you understand where you are stuck and we will discuss ways in which I can help you move forward. 

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