Today we are talking about flat shoes in response to some requests from you girls. As I am not a flat shoe wearer I am using some pictures and not my own outfits ;)


The pictures below go from the more casual outfit (left) to the more dressy (right).

A few important things to know about flat shoes:

  • Pointy shoes make your legs look longer = you look taller
  • More rounded shoes make your legs look shorter = you look shorter
  • If you are tall you can get away with many more styles 
  • The more skin you show around your feet (flat shoe with peep toe) the longer your legs will appear to be
  • The more the colour of the shoe blends with your skin the longer your legs will appear to be
  • You can add so much fun to your outfit with coloured shoes or with some pattern

As you can see I picked some very different styles, not just plain colours. You can create a very casual outfit or a very professional one wearing flat shoes. Your accessories will help you dress up and finish your outfit: your handbag and jewellery.

Allow yourself to be creative when choosing your shoes, think about different colours than you normally would use. And NO! You don't have to match your shoes and your handbag ;)

Have fun playing!

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