I have wanted a jumpsuit since I was 15. They come in and out of fashion but every time they are 'in' I have wanted to get one.

The problem: The fit with my pear body shape. (My hips are wider than my torso is). 

Most jumpsuits have huge pockets or elastic waists that just make my hips look huge. I had one before that had pattern below the waist and I actually loved that jumpsuit. 

However, when I saw this, my heart jumped...it is purple. My favourite colour. There were no pockets and it all looked too perfect to be true.

To my surprise it's the first ever jumpsuit that has looked pretty good on me ;)

The first reason why it works: No pockets or extra fabric around my hips.

I still added a necklace to create a high balance focal point and take a bit of attention away from the bottom part as the detail on the waist can bring the eye lower towards my hips.

If you have a body shape in which your hips are narrow or you want to enhance your hips (Inverted triangle or rectangular body shape) you are going to love jumpsuits with pockets. And you are lucky, they are always around ;)

I wore this outfit to an event, to a presentation, and to a wedding.

Jumpsuit: In Spain, don't remember where.. Necklace: Zara. 

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