In answer to your questions, I am sharing some ideas on how to dress to appear taller and slimmer.

1. Wear medium to dark-coloured outfits. No, black is not the only colour that can make you look slimmer ;)

2. Wear a monochromatic outfit. The same colour all the way through

3. When wearing skirts or dresses, blend the colour of your tights or shoes.

4. Wear colour flowing up your body from the outside silhouette. That is wearing a jacket with any bottom in the same colour.


5. Wear a bright colour on the top half of your body.

6. Wear a light colour on the top half of your body.

7. Attract attention as far UP on your body as possible, with eye catching colour; for example, necklaces, earrings, lipstick, eyewear or hair colour.

8. Wear open necklines. "V" necklines are the best, they will make your torso appear longer and as a result, you will be seen as taller and slimmer.

9. Avoid wearing loose tops with loose pants, choose a slimmer fit pant or a more tailored top.

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