In answer to your questions, I am sharing some ideas on how to dress when you are tall and slim.

Let's start by how you can appear shorter:

  1. Break your visible height with horizontal bands of colour.

  2.   Wear a light colour below your waist and a dark colour on top.

  3.  Wear a brighter colour on the lower half of your body.

  4. Attract attention low on your body; e.g., boarders on skirts and pants, eye catching shoes.


The other option is to dress to appear heavier:

  1. Wear light-coloured outfits.

  2.  Wear bright-coloured outfits.

  3. Wear shiny fabrics.

  4.  Wear horizontal colour blocking.

  5. Wear large patterns in bright colours.

    Note: The shorter you appear the heavier you will look.

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