I absolutely love this dress. Another one I've had forever.

I am not a huge fan of patterns, but this geometric style caught my attention. My dramatic style personality doesn't find patterns very attractive. I am more of a solid colour and statement accessory lover.

However, if the colours are right, the pattern will work for me. (It has purple so I was easily sold! My favourite color <3)

I don't really follow fashion much-or at all. I go more for what works for my individual body shape, natural colour complexion and personal style. I would encourage you to do the same! We will find what is in fashion at the shops anyway, so it is best if you are always guided to what works for you and your very unique style!

The open shoulder sleeve is creating a high and balancing focal point that minimises my hips. 

For accessories, I am just wearing long earrings, and a bracelet. The pattern is too full on for a necklace.

My shoes are in one of the colours of the pattern creating a flow from head to toe. It's best to keep the colours you wear on an outfit to a maximum of 3.

I wore this outfit to present at one of my half day workshops, but have also worn it to a corporate day paired with a black jacket and a pair of black pumps.

WHY? Because open shoulders and very opened shoes like the ones I am wearing in the photo are not very professional. 

The dress is very fitted, plus showing extra skin around my shoulders doesn't create a credible and professional look.

Dress: Target. Earrings: a present from a friend, I think they are JLo. Bracelet: Balinese silver. Shoes: COL.  * (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)

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