Since my corporate days I have developed a great love for jackets. They are so versatile and can go anywhere from super casual to very dressy, from loose and unstructured to fitted and structured.

I love adding jackets to my outfits with jeans. They give it a very cool twist. As you know by now I am all for dressing up my jeans.

There are a few things I am doing with this outfit. I am linking the colour of my boots with the top. I decided to wear a light top as opposed to a black or dark one because I personally prefer this contrast than no contrast - dark with dark colour.

I also added a statement piece - my necklace to create a high focal point and add some fun to this outfit.

Another thing to notice is that I am wearing 4 colours on this outfit when I recommend sticking to 3.  The colour of the top and the shoes are not that different (they are part of the same family), and I am wearing denim jeans that are a very neutral colour. Wearing black boots would have made the outfit look too busy and somehow wrong.

The length of your tops and jackets are important too:

Longer hemlines that reach your fingertips or longer will look better on tall or thin women.

Jackets that are knuckle length look great on everyone. It’s a happy length for all of us!

If you have wide hips, make sure your top and jacket hemlines don’t sit at the widest part of your hips, which will just over emphasise them. If you have an inverted triangle shape, on the other hand, make sure your hemlines hit the widest part of your hips.

Use long-over-short and short-over-long when combining jackets with skirts or dresses. That is, wear short jackets with long skirts and long jackets with short skirts.

I wore this outfit to take a client shopping and to go to dinner and the cinema.

I am wearing: top: Uniqlo, Jacket: Decjuba  Jeans: Zara, boots: Wittner, necklace: present from a friend, ring: COL 

Have an amazing week!