This is a new top I bought recently and I really enjoy wearing it. I pair it with black jeans and black boots and I love the resulting look.

I do find it quite a dark outfit though so I like to add a statement necklace. You can see from the photo the necklace is very bright and full of colour. It expresses me perfectly and adds a lot of fun to the outfit.

This accessory is also creating a high focal point that is doing 2 things: 1) making the outfit interesting and 2) making me look taller as it is bringing the attention up. 

When you are adding a statement piece to your outfits think about what style, size and colour best suits your style personality. The idea is not to replicate my exact piece but to create impact with something that reflects you.

I chose the colour of this top for a very important reason - it is a colour enhancer for my hair, which just means it's a very similar colour. Can you see how it makes my hair pop and really brings the outfit together?

The other thing I love about this top is the shape, to make the best of it without showing off my belly button too much I have added a sheer top underneath.

It's a great way to cover up an area you don't want to show off too much while still keeping the essence of an outfit eg adding a sheer layer under a short dress to give it some extra length.

I have worn this outfit to several casual gatherings with friends like bbqs and lunches.

I am wearing: Top: Live. Jeans: Zara. Boots COL. Necklace: a Colombian designer purchased in Australia

(COL) means I bought it in Colombia. 

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