I wore this outfit at an event in Paris, as part of the business and coaching training I am doing. We get together 4 times a year for a live event. We are more than 200 women flying from all over the world! It's pretty amazing! Anyway, it is always fun to pick out awesome outfits to attend these events in. The day before I wore the outfit I wore was so uncomfortable all day! The pants were so tight! So it was super exciting to be wearing this very comfortable dress.

I love being comfortable! I am all for looking good while being comfortable! The shoes... well that is another story ;)

This dress is stretchy but follows the shape of my body.


That is what we call a semi-fitted style, which is flattering on all body types and all sizes.

The length is just below my knees which can potentially make me look shorter (because I am short). However, there are two reasons why I can get away with it: 

1. The colour of the dress creates a low contrast with my skin making the horizontal influence less obvious.

2. I am wearing high heel peep toes- the type that elongates your legs the most.

If the dress was dark, with an A-line skirt and I was wearing dark pumps the story would have been very different.

Now, yes! the necklace is very bold making it not so professional. So you would want to tone it down a bit for the office.

I totally love looking smart but keeping my outfits fun.

I am an accessory lover, because accessories can finish your outfits and completely change the feel of it.

Accessories can be part of your clothes, any jewellery, your shoes and handbag.

Accessorising can create that twist, that unexpected factor that can make you outfits more fun and unique.

I truly believe that our clothes and our image as a whole is there for us to creatively express who we are, and it is supposed to be fun!

Clothes are not meant to be boring.

We express how we feel through our image and body language. If you are not doing this with your image at the moment, I fully invite you to consider it and explore it.

Walking into your wardrobe should be exciting, the clothes you wear should tell a story about you. Clothes are not there just to cover your body- or to hide it ;) 

What can you start doing NOW to make your clothes more fun? 

I am wearing: Dress: Forever new, Necklace: Sophie Kyron, Shoes: COL, Watch: Michale Kors, Earrings: Swarovsky.

Have an amazing week!

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