In my conversations with women from different backgrounds, ages and positions I hear that there is a common feeling of thinking they are not being taken seriously enough.


Some think they look too young, or that they are too feminine or soft, or that nobody is seeing how capable they are, or that they don’t know how to power dress, or how to present themselves with confidence. Bottom line, they don’t feel fully heard and respected.

I got a question from a colleague about a dress and how she could make it look more credible. When I went deeper about her concern, I found out she feels too young and always feels like she won’t be taken seriously!

The dress, well, of course, has its part and will definitely form an impression. It will either complement your credibility or make you appear softer and more feminine.

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However what I want to discuss here is the fact that how we think is going to affect how we act and it will 100% affect how we are perceived.

If you are thinking you won’t be taken seriously this will affect your body language, how you stand, how you carry yourself and even how you communicate.

You are going to end up acting and behaving in a way that has others thinking if they should take you seriously.

The clothes we wear have a massive impact on how we feel. In this case, this dress has the label and energy of ‘too young, I might not be taken seriously’ then you put it on and it is as if you have put that energy on.The same can happen when you wear something you absolutely love and that you feel fabulous in, that might have a label like ‘powerful and beautiful’ you put that outfit on and voila! You feel that way!

That is why getting dressed in the morning is much more important than you realise. There is an energy about a woman who is well put together. You must radiate confidence from the inside out, and what you are wearing will have a massive impact on how you feel when leaving the house in the morning.

Going back to the dress, the styles and colours we wear have the powerof making us look less professional, be taken less seriously, look tired or look younger, fresher, more stylish, more confident, taller, slimmer and so on. This is not about labels at all but about a whole science behind the impression we create through our clothes and body language.

Here are my top 5 ways to get people to take you seriously:

  1. Dress for success
  2. Watch your posture, stand tall
  3. Give firm handshakes
  4. Be engaging -tell people stories
  5. Act confident.

I have spent the last 7 years of my life fascinated by what I’ve learned and how by changing how you see and present yourself you can transform your life.

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