One of the most important things to think about when clothes shopping is your budget. Deciding when to spend less or when to be a bit more generous with yourself.

You obviously want a wardrobe full of amazing pieces. The key here is to know which garments are worth paying more for and which ones to skimp on. So here it is... when the mix of inexpensive and chic pieces becomes important. 

Think inexpensive t-shirts and cardigans. Invest more in a good pair of jeans, black trousers, comfortable shoes and a nice bag. Accessories are another one you can invest more in. However, I have a huge mix here.

I definitely don’t wear head to toe designer, I just have some pieces I have decided to invest in. Most of my wardrobe is in the mid-range and there is definitely a big chunk of inexpensive ones in there that I love.

I love variety, so having only $500 blouses would kill me with boredom. I like rotating my clothes.  If I spend $500 or more on something I will keep that item for a longer time. So I pick carefully what to spend big money on. I make sure it will be a timeless piece.


Comments on photos above:

1. Zara grey cardigan mixed with a more expensive necklace and watch.

2. Forever new dress (on sale so it was a huge bargain) with Sophie Kyron necklace and Swarovski ring and bracelet.

3. Expensive skirt with mid-range shoes and inexpensive bag.

It is important to buy inexpensive items that look expensive. Fit will be king here. A $10 top in a great colour and the best fit for you is all you need.

Remember it must look like good quality! Even if it cost $5

And even more important JUST because something is a designer label or expensive does not mean it will look great on you or look expensive.
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