I like looking good when I travel. 

But believe me I value comfort more than anything. 

So the good news is that it is possible to be comfortable and look good. I know! It's a complete revelation, or at least for most of my clients.

This is what I wore on one of my trips to Bali last year. Super comfortable leggings with an even more comfortable dress. As soon as I got to the airport in Bali I took off the leggings and the cardigan and I was humidity ready!

I feel the cold a lot so I need to be warm on the plane, layering is the answer for me. Especially when you are traveling from or to a warm place.


You can decide to go with closed in shoes for extra warmth, or flat shoes for extra comfort. In this case, I had a pair of socks in my handbag.

The pattern on my dress is the focal point, so I kept my accessories more simple. Wearing a necklace over a pattern would have made my look too busy. Also, this dress has a Grecian sleeve so I like it better with no necklace, only earrings.

I am wearing: Dress: Somewhere in Dubai, leggings: Intimo, Cardigan, Zara, Shoes: Zomp 

Have an amazing week!

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