As you know by now I am a true believer that you can create a fun wardrobe for work. 

As an expert in the science of creating First Impressions I am sharing with you how to create a credible but fun professional look.

To look the part you do NOT need to wear only black, white, or grey. If you are always wearing these colours you will stop yourself from standing out. And you might end up feeling a bit plain and bored with your wardrobe. 

I can assure you that there is a way of looking the part while staying true to who you are. And making it fun! No more boring dressing for work!

Are you a professional woman in Perth?

Are you Ready to Create a Stylish and Confident Image and Presence?

The first Image workshop is on Saturday, January 20th 9 am -12 pm

Join me for a super fun and insightful morning where you will learn how to be more confident standing out and looking the part.

You will walk away inspired and full of ideas you can implement straight away. You will learn in simple steps how to refresh your look, your wardrobe and the impressions you are creating!


Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Have a fantastic week.

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