Talking dresses today!

I love dresses. In all seasons. There is no easier and quicker way to get ready in the morning. One item and you are done.

As we are in summer in the southern hemisphere I will talk about summer dresses, but all of these tips apply to any style of dress.

There are a couple of aspects to consider when choosing a dress: the outer silhouette, the colour and the neckline.

You need to make sure the silhouette will balance your body. For example, my dress is more enhancing of my torso as I have a pear shape and that is what my body needs. 

The colour, especially the colours close to your face make a big difference. They will actually wash you out OR make you look brighter, younger and more beautiful.

And the neckline should balance your face shape, your neck length, and your torso.

You can learn so much more about how all this works on my 21 Day Style Transformation. Stop trying to fit your body into a very specific body shape and finally understand the science behind what works for you. It is so simple, but you have never had it explained to you, in this way. 


Here we have 3 examples of dresses. And colourful dresses! 

Pattern can make you look bigger, but it really depends on its size and colours. 

Mine, since it is white has the biggest potential to make me look big. I am balancing that with a high focal point, my necklace and high heels.

The patterns on the other 2 dresses are more subtle and abstract, not having a massive impact on making us look bigger. 

We are all showing enough skin around our necks, making us look taller and slimmer.

I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday. I have also worn it to see clients and to go to a friend's house.

I am wearing: Dress: Bardot, Shoes: Guess, Necklace: can't remember.

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