As it continues cooling down here in Australia, I am delving into my winter wardrobe more and more, including my jackets. 

I LOVE jackets! They have such a great ability to transform an outfit in a second. I like styles that are comfortable, versatile but a bit dressy. It is all about making my clothes be an expression of who I am!


The one you see in the photo is one of my favourite styles, so versatile. it works for all body shapes and sizes. The fabric on the sleeves is stretchy making it SUPER comfortable. I truly dislike sleeves I cannot move in.

The length of your jackets is very important. Longer hemlines that reach your fingertips or longer will look better on tall or thin women. (See the picture below)

Jackets that are knuckle length look great on everyone. It's a happy length for all of us!

If you have more of a thick waist or a short torso it is best to avoid cropped ones or waist length as they will just unbalance your torso.

If you have wide hips, make sure your top and jacket hemline doesn't sit at the widest part of your hips, which will just over emphasise them.

If you are top heavy, on the other hand, make sure your hemlines hit the widest part of your hips, creating balance.


Use long-over-short and short-over-long when combining jackets with skirts or dresses. That is, wear short jackets with long skirts and long jackets with short skirts.

And remember the most important part is that you own your outfits and feel fully confident to enter any room walking tall and proud.

I am wearing: Top: COL, Pants: Zara, Shoes: COL, Earrings: Wayne Cooper, Jacket: Decjuba 

*COL: Means I bought it in Colombia.

Have an amazing week! 

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Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

Born in Colombia and based in Australia, she travels nationally and internationally for speaking, executive coaching, consulting and training.

Alba works with individuals and small groups right through to large corporations. She brings her client’s image into line with their personal and professional roles, giving them the clarity and confidence to look and feel their best. Alba uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her 14 years of experience with systems and processes as an engineer. 

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