One of the things that I see a lot in women's wardrobes are items that they are meaning to get altered but never have...

Confession: I have had a bag of clothes waiting to be altered for 3 the point that I completely forgot about what I had there. It was only when I sold my other car that I found it. The good thing was that it was like finding new clothes.

So I decided to finally take a few things I had to get altered.

This dress is one I really wanted to make sleeveless. I just felt there were too many stripes everywhere and it made me look bigger. No, I have not lost weight, actually, I am heavier now than I was in the photo on the left. My angle is better in the photo on the right too ;)

Since I got it altered I have worn it 3 times. So yes! It was totally worth the time and money to get it altered.


Notice that on the left I am wearing gold accessories because my red shoes have a gold detail, but I actually think it looks better with silver accessories.

Now, over to you! I want you to go into your wardrobe and pull out all the clothes you have been wanting to take to the alteration shop. Make a decision, is it worth getting altered? Do you like it enough? How many times do you think you are going to wear it? Does it work for your lifestyle today?

One of the reasons why I decided to fix this dress is because on my shopping list I had "more casual dresses". So I actually needed it to complete my wardrobe.  

I wore this outfit to take a client shopping, to do a client's wardrobe and to go for lunch with my gorgeous husband.

I am wearing: Dress: COL, it was a present from my mum, Shoes: Both from COL.  

*COL: Colombia

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