It took me years to understand this.

When I first moved to Australia I noticed pretty quickly that I was different. I sounded different, I looked different, I think differently. And believe me I did not like it. It took me years, and starting a business to realise that what makes me different makes me memorable! And that is a good thing.

What do you want people to associate with you when they think of your name?

Identifying your point of differentiation and owning it can help you get a better job, get more of the clients you love to work with and live a happier and fulfilling life.

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How can you start creating your authentic personal brand?

Before you get confused with personal brand, let me clarify I am talking about YOU and how you see and project yourself in the world. And everyone has a personal brand. Everyone! Even if you work in the corporate world.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

• Who are you? If you take all the labels out (mum, sister, wife, business owner) Ask yourself again, who are you?

• What are you best at? What do you keep receiving compliments on all the time?

• Why should they hire you over someone else? What is different about you?

• What are your values? What is important to you?

• Define how you want to be perceived. First impressions count.

• Find your competitive edge, be memorable and find a way to connect with people. What can you do to leave people feeling happier than when they first met you?

• Be passionate about who you are and what you do.

• Find a way to relate to others and build relationships based on common ground.

• Create a consistent brand and story - so people get the same sense of who you are on the phone, over email, in person or on your social media.

I am absolutely passionate about working with individuals helping them build and develop their best version of themselves through working on their presence and personal brand.

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Make this week an amazing one!

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Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

Born in Colombia and based in Australia, she travels nationally and internationally for speaking, executive coaching, consulting and training.

Alba works with individuals and small groups right through to large corporations. She brings her client’s image into line with their personal and professional roles, giving them the clarity and confidence to look and feel their best. Alba uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her 14 years of experience with systems and processes as an engineer.