One of the things that I love most about coming to Bali is its people.

Always with a gorgeous smile, present in the moment, talking to you. Curious about who you are, what you do and how many times you have visited their country.  

To me, a country or city is made by its people. I feel exactly the same way when I go home (to Medellin - Colombia). The people!!! I love them. I love the passion, the culture, the music, the warmth of the people, how open they are to talk to you...

But coming back to Bali, I am now on a short break with my husband celebrating our second wedding anniversary... I know! Where did this last 2 years go?

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As I am laying by the pool enjoying the present moment, the breeze and some very well deserved massages, I am reflecting on what we could learn from the Balinese people and it's culture.

A lot of lessons on how to be more charismatic for sure! And also a lot of lessons on attention to detail.

All the food and drinks are so gorgeously presented. And what happens when we create a great impression? We make the other person feel special, we get them to remember us by the great conversation we had, or how beautifully 'wrapped' the service or product you offer was. AND they will want to come back to deal with us or buy our services or products again. People buy experiences. People buy 'you'. 

These little things are important. Sounds basic, yes? Yet they make all the difference and you will be remembered for the right reasons. I have clients almost doubling their income by just adjusting the impressions they are creating with their clients.

And just last week a client shared that by making an extra effort to connect more genuinely with his clients and being more present, he was called by his boss to offer him a new opportunity. His boss kept getting calls by their clients raving about him, his professionalism, and charisma.

It does make a difference and a big one. 

So over to you, what can you start doing this week to be more in the present, to connect with others, to leave them feeling happier because they came in contact with you? What little details can you add to how you are connecting with others today?

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Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

Born in Colombia and based in Australia, she travels nationally and internationally for speaking, executive coaching, consulting and training.

Alba works with individuals and small groups right through to large corporations. She brings her client’s image into line with their personal and professional roles, giving them the clarity and confidence to look and feel their best. Alba uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her 14 years of experience with systems and processes as an engineer.