I love nude shoes because they are so versatile and go with absolutely every outfit!

Whether it's beige, silver, gold, rose gold or even skin colour, nude shoes will complement every outfit. And even better, they make your legs look longer.


They are fantastic worn with any colour outfit, especially very colourful ones. 

When in doubt of what colour shoe to wear go nude, it will always work.

With this green dress I wore last week for my TV interview it was a no brainer: nude was the go. So I tried my beige, silver and gold shoes. The outfit looked better with the gold ones, so I went with gold accessories to finish the outfit.

You might have noticed there is such a big range of 'nude' colour at the moment to choose from. I have added some pictures below with a range of examples. 


And it works the same with heels and flats. 

Nude shoes also go great with jeans or black pants. Just keep in mind that when the colour of the shoes is vastly different to the colour of your bottoms, the outfit will look more complete if you wear something on your torso or face (lipstick or accessory) in a similar shade to the shoes.

I am wearing: Dress: Bebe, Shoes: COL, Necklace: Country Road, Bracelet: a present. 

Have an amazing week! 

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Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

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