Last week I was in Cannes, attending an event with my mastermind partners and coach. 4 intense days of training, learning and up- leveling! So much fun!

But to kick off the event we started with a soiree and the theme was red carpet Hollywood. I was so excited about the theme as it just seems right to dress up when you are in the French Riviera. 

Alba Gomez Perth Image Consultant

So this was my outfit! A dress that was a present from one of my great friends. (Also a couple of friend's and my mentor's outfits.)

I am not the biggest fan of wearing all black but the detail on this dress is amazing! I absolutely love the style, and it actually works great for my body shape ;)

The whole event was a complete joy, seeing all my friends wearing amazing outfits and enjoying our time together.

And I now am ready to enjoy quality time with my dad, who I joined after I finished my mastermind in Nice, for a 10 day holiday. This is my present to him for his 80th birthday.

This is a dream come true! 2 years ago I decided to take both my parents to Europe. Last year I took my mum and we had the best time ever. I am still treasuring the memories from last year with my mum, and I am sure there will be amazing ones from this one with my dad.

This was a bit of a different OOTW but I trust you enjoyed it!

Have an amazing week!  

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P.S: I had the pleasure of presenting at Michael Page's Womens Leadership series a couple of times in the last few weeks. I feel humbled by the feedback I have received about my approach to developing an authentic and stand out Personal Brand.

If you want to join me at my next workshop in Perth, click here

Michael Page Women Leadership Series 2018

Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

Born in Colombia and based in Australia, she travels nationally and internationally for speaking, executive coaching, consulting and training.

Alba works with individuals and small groups right through to large corporations. She brings her client’s image into line with their personal and professional roles, giving them the clarity and confidence to look and feel their best. Alba uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her 14 years of experience with systems and processes as an engineer.