In this session you will have specific feedback from Alba on each pillar of the system to start creating an authentic personal brand. Alba will help you create a powerful plan, systems and structures so you get a clear direction for your brand.

This 90 minute session will give you a great insight into your personal brand.

Available in person, via phone, or Skype.

We will evaluate your current brand-using my WOW NOW Personal Brand System. This evaluation will give you a greater sense of who you are and what you stand for. You will be very clear on which areas need improvement and how to get started.

We will create a powerful plan, systems and structures so you get a clear direction for your brand

I will share my best daily practices to connect to yourself and to manifest more abundance in all the areas of your life.

Who is this 90 minute session for:

  • A professional woman who wants to be seen as more powerful and wants to be more influential
  • A woman who is thinking of starting her own business and wants to make sure she is aligned and clear before taking the big step
  • The woman entrepreneur who wants to stand out from the crowd and create a consistent cash flow
  • A woman who is ready to feel inspired, powerful and confident

What we cover in the session:

  • Discover a deeper level of who you are and how that translates into your professional life
  • Assess your current online brand
  • Personal evaluation on the 7 pillars of your WOW NOW Personal Brand
  • Unlock your brand message
  • How to become visible and position yourself as the expert in your field
  • How to create visual success: Through your clothes and colours
  • Create an actionable plan

You will walk away with a clear brand and business strategy based on who you are- your authentic self and what you want to achieve- what is meaningful for you.

Bonus material:

  • Pre-work
  • 21 Day Style Transformation: Manual and workbook
  • 7 Ways to WOW with your First Impressions e-book
  • 7 Day Style challenge– video series

What to expect:

  • Before our Skype session you will receive a welcome pack  
  • We carry out your 90 minute session
  • You will get my expert feedback, insight and guidance
  • After the call you have unlimited email access to me for 2 weeks for any questions and additional coaching

Are you ready to create a personal brand that is authentic, magnetic and gets attention?

I am absolutely passionate about providing you with inspiration, clarity and action steps to bring more success to your life.

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