Are you ready to take your career or business to the next level but you feel stuck with an imagethat doesn't represent YOU, your skills and talents?

Imagine feeling reconnected with your true self, learning great tips about style and how to create an amazing wardrobe. Aligning your image, personality and body language to create impact wherever you go!

Imagine feeling confident and all the opportunities you will attract.

Get ready to step up and stand out! Learn my 7 steps to create a confident Style!

If you are a professional woman who lives in Perth I would love you to join me for one of my next workshops!

You can start creating your WOW NOW Image Today! Join me for one of my next half day workshop. This is not an introduction or preview. You will walk away wondering how we could possible cover so much content while having lots of fun. 

The half-day training is JUST $97 but it is really (And I mean REALLY) worth $595. 



The workshop will be fun, interesting and full of thought provoking content- as attendees have put it. You will leave the workshop feeling inspired and clear on how to refresh your whole image and start your days feeling fantastic and confident, knowing your are putting your best foot forward in all situations.

I truly believe that our clothes and our image as a whole are there for us to creatively express who we are and it is supposed to be fun! Clothes are not meant to be boring or a cause of stress.

We express how we feel through our image and body language. Walking into your wardrobe should be exciting. The clothes you wear should tell a story about you. Clothes are not there just to cover your body- or to hide it! (I’ve been watching you ;)

I use a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on my experience with systems and processes as an engineer.  I have created a system that has been designed to help women create a powerful image that is an authentic and confident representation of themselves. But don't think the system will be boring. For me living live with passion and joy is right at the top of my list of values. And remember I am Colombian! ;)


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, October 7 2017, 9.00am - 12.00pm (Venue TBC)

Saturday, October 21 2017, 9.00am - 12.00pm (Venue TBC)





  • What is your essence
  • Re-connect your mindset
  • Magnetic personality
  • Confident-unique impressions
  • Your WOW colours
  • Your style essence
  • And Your WOW NOW Image


Creating a WOW-NOW Image and presence is all about who you are and the story you tell about yourself. 
When you take control and develop your image in the most authentic possible way you are setting yourself apart and making sure you attract more of the good things in your carrer and life.

What do you want people to think when they think of your name? How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to be treated by your colleagues? 

Taking your image and brand lightly and not knowing how you want to be perceived will affect your results in life and career AND your bottom line!

As professional women we spend so much time and money in our education. But in order to stand out we must have an edge. Now is the time for you to make yourself a priority. To stand in power and to take your image and style to the next level.

I want you to learn more about how to create impact, communicate more powerfully and feel and look fantastic!

Can't wait to meet you!