‘In a competitive market your greatest strength is your ability to create powerful impressions. Because people do business with people and companies they like and trust’.

Alba has been featured on

Alba has been featured on

Alba is absolutely passionate about sharing her Image and Branding message, and the vital nature of good first impressions, with businesses and organisations, whether they be SMEs or large corporations.

She currently works with some of the best and most forward thinking companies in Australia and internationally, challenging them to think about the way they present to the world, and to each other.

She uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her experience with systems and processes in her previous career as an engineer. Her training programs include work in personal branding, appearance, behaviour, body language, communication and action planning, to help people and businesses create a powerful first impression and build great relationships.

Whether it is a twenty minute presentation, an hour long keynote speech, a half-day workshop, or a full day's training - Alba will make a massive impact to your team.

Alba specialises in training teams on:

POWERFUL IMPRESSIONS: In business we need to be memorable for the right reasons. Your first impressions will influence the success or failure of making a sale.

Ensure everyone on your team presents a professional image of your brand through their appearance. Make sure your point of difference is clear and expressed to your customers at every opportunity. Learn simple steps to wow your customers into doing business with your company and not your competitors.

POWERFUL COMMUNICATIONS: Our posture and body language are on display at all times. By understanding all the elements of communication, we can relate to others with greater ease and elegance.

Create the most positive impact with your potential clients. Use appropriate forms of communication to build rapport with your customers. Appear more approachable and learn how to dramatically increase credibility.



Impress · Influence · Succeed

Click on the image to download the 'Confident Image Formula' brochure

Click on the image to download the 'Confident Image Formula' brochure



Thank you once again for attending our team offsite Alba. Our colleagues thoroughly enjoyed your session and the feedback we have received reflects that.
Having a topic on our agenda focusing around Building Confidence, Influence & Presence was a very different steer for us and the team, but personally and professionally we took away so much.

Your delivery of the session was engaging and full of passion which really captures an audience.
— Dawn Branch - Bankwest
Alba took the time to investigate the needs of our business rather than rolling out a generic presentation. She engaged our team in a professional and spirited conversation that lead to simple solutions being introduced to our everyday practices. The team really enjoyed the sessions and walked away with a great understanding on how to create a positive impact with our clients.
— Brett Carter - IKEA
‘I had the pleasure of being in the audience while Alba presented on the importance of personal branding and creating a congruency between your brand and your visual presentation. She presented her unique message so eloquently and succinctly and painted a picture of how to truly represent your brand through your image, personality and body language’ Ilse Strauss – Manager Director and Author of Brands don’t grow on trees.
— Ilse Strauss – Manager Director and Author of Brands don’t grow on trees.
I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of Alba’s presentations and each one has been superb. Alba’s energy sets the tone with the audience and captures everyone’s attention. Alba is highly capable of adapting her presentation to the relevant audience and the feedback I have received from many of my clients who have attended the presentation Alba run for them, has been excellent. It was an empowering session that ensures each and every individual leaves feeling more inspired, motivated and confident to be the best they can be and achieve their goals. Alba has successfully built up such a positive brand in the market that my client base were ecstatic to be invited to one of Alba’s presentations. Many of the leaders who attended were eager to share their experience with their team members and have booked in with Alba. For any corporate business who is looking to provide professional development to their employees, Alba is the person you need to work with- she is authentic, passionate and will inspire your employees!
— Rebecca Clarke - Michael Page
Alba recently presented at a Michael Page event in front of +35 of our HR Clients across Perth. She talked through the key elements of developing a stand out and authentic personal brand and how this can positively influence your professional career as well as your personal life. It was truly an inspiring presentation and I personally loved how captivating Alba was through expressing her passion and enthusiasm towards the topic. The feedback from our clients was outstanding and I would happily recommend Alba to any individual/business to partner with her.
— Moeko Encabo - Michael Page
At our dental practice it is quite important for us to provide the patients with outstanding professional care. It all starts with the best, welcoming first impression at reception. With Alba’s professional and entertaining workshops we achieved the high-end standards we were aiming for. Shortly after we did the workshops the atmosphere at the practice changed and the compliments from our patients and referring dentists became more frequent.
— JCV Endodontics
Of vital importance to any business or organisation is how they present to the world. Alba has a wonderful skill and talent that gets to the heart of the subtle and not so subtle aspect of image. She offers unique, clear feedback and guidance that makes a real difference to team and results. We love her fresh, unique and really different style.
— Leisel Speranza - Vision Leaders
I am so happy to be able to share your positivity and enthusiasm with my team. I love listening to you and always learn something new about how to feel more confident and how to create greater impact with our image and body language. After the training the team stepped up their game greatly and showed more confidence to make concise decisions. Everyone has started their own personal 90-day plan and we are all very inspired by our goals and the clarity we gained.
— Julie Hogben - Hello world Subiaco