Alba is absolutely passionate about sharing her Image and Branding message, and the vital nature of good first impressions, with businesses and organisations, whether they be SMEs or large corporations.

She currently works with some of the best and most forward thinking companies in Australia and internationally, challenging them to think about the way they present to the world, and to each other.

She uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her experience with systems and processes in her previous career as an engineer. Her training programs include work in personal branding, appearance, behaviour, body language, communication and action planning, to help people and businesses create a powerful first impression and build great relationships.

Whether it is a twenty minute presentation, an hour long keynote speech, a half-day workshop, or a full day's training - Alba will make a massive impact to your team.



Impress · Influence · Succeed

Alba's formula focuses on the core areas every woman should develop to create authentic confidence and success. Her training sessions encompass these 3 main pillars:


The picture you hold of yourself determines your success in life. Developing a solid personal relationship with yourself will allow you to tap into your inner strengths and build the confidence we all need. Work with Alba to:

  • Rediscover your value so you can be more confident in your abilities.
  • Improve your decision-making skills and be seen as the expert in your field.
  • Maximise your potential and increase your performance.



Our posture, manners and body language are on display at all times. By understanding all the elements of communication, we can relate to others with greater ease and elegance. Work with Alba to:

  • Communicate with ease and command respect in all situations.
  • Create an engaging presence that attracts people to you.
  • Learn how to align your body language with your words to create a greater impact.



The way you present yourself must be a true reflection of your capabilities and strengths. Your image speaks volumes about you. Align your image with the impressions you want to create.  Work with Alba to:

  • Be seen as a credible, professional and confident woman that has a unique style.
  • Develop an image that reflects your leadership style.
  • Create a confident image that reflects authentically who you are.
                                                            Click on the image to download the 'Confident Image Formula' brochure

                                                            Click on the image to download the 'Confident Image Formula' brochure



Alba took the time to investigate the needs of our business rather than rolling out a generic presentation. She engaged us in a professional and spirited conversation that lead to simple solutions being introduced to our everyday practices. The team really enjoyed the sessions and we all walked away with a great understanding on how to create a positive impact with our clients.
— Brett Carter - IKEA
At our dental practice it is quite important for us to provide the patients with outstanding professional care. It all starts with the best, welcoming first impression at reception. With Alba’s professional and entertaining workshops we achieved the high-end standards we were aiming for. Shortly after we did the workshops the atmosphere at the practice changed and the compliments from our patients and referring dentists became more frequent.
— JCV Endodontics
Of vital importance to any business or organisation is how they present to the world. Alba has a wonderful skill and talent that gets to the heart of the subtle and not so subtle image an organisation presents with feedback and guidance that makes a real difference to team and results. We love her fresh, unique and really different style.
— Leisel Speranza - Vision Leaders
I am so happy to be able to share your positivity and enthusiasm with my team. I love listening to you and always learn something new about how to feel more confident and how to create greater impact with our image and body language. After the training the team stepped up their game greatly and showed more confidence to make concise decisions. Everyone has started their own personal 90-day plan and we are all very inspired by our goals and the clarity we gained.
— Julie Hogben - Hello world Subiaco