Ready to meet another of my gorgeous clients?

A couple of months ago,  I spent some time with my gorgeous client Jacqui. She attended one of my WOW NOW Personal Brand workshop. That day she decided that day that she really wanted us to work together. Few weeks after she contacted me because she wanted to have a Wardrobe Makeover. We spent a couple of hours on her wardrobe and after we went shopping. 

It was fantastic helping Jacqui understand her Personal Brand and how to share it through her style. Even more exciting get her to understand why she was bored with her wardrobe. 

She had not wore pants or jeans for a million years because she had the belief that they did not work for her. Ohhhh the look on her face when I started creating stylish and easy to put together outfits with jeans and pants!!! and let's not forget, accessories!!! She was not a big fan... All changed after I taught her how to accessorise!

After few hours on her wardrobe and shopping she had a whole new wardrobe she loved, she felt super comfortable with all the outfits and most important she felt happy and beautiful! - Oh! and she just spent half of her budget. How cool is that?

Have a great week!