Meet my gorgeous client Megan. She was referred to me by her boyfriend who I worked with a couple of years ago. (Love those referrals 😍)

She has been living in a high vis uniform for the last few years so she was feeling very disconnected from her style. We spent two half days fine tuning her Personal brand and style. We had a super fun and successful shopping trip as part of her package.

She had her brother's wedding coming up the next week so we had lots of shopping to do (including the hens' night outfit and the wedding outfit). 
In 3 hours we got so many things: the hens night dress, shoes and accessories, a dress for the wedding, shoes and accessories, another 3 pair of shoes, 2 more dresses, one jacket, one long sleeveless vest, 3 necklaces and 3 tops. And the best part? We just went $80 over her budget only because she decided to get more stuff than we had planned. 

It is amazing what you can achieve in a short period of time when you know your brand, style and colours.  Read what she said below:

"I was simply expecting a guide on how to dress - but I had it all wrong!

You taught me how to feel comfortable in my own skin, how to accentuate my best features and embrace colours.

Working with you was like having a personal chef. As we walked through the process the ingredients were all staring at me, but you provided the vital recipe and method for them all to work.

After just a few hours, I feel confident with the skills I have gained and the ability to integrate them in both a business and personal setting.

The concepts you teach are really straight forward; I just can’t believe I’ve waited this long to be taught them! So thank you, Alba - for everything".

I have super cool clients, haven't I?

Enjoy your day!