Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW).   

But first the inspiration for this week...

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Stop second guessing yourself, stop being worried about what others think of you. People will judge you no matter what you do.  So it is a waste of energy,

Be confident and visible! Not in an arrogant way, but in a way than openly shares who you are with the world! 

Let's get to the outfit of this week! 

When wearing patterns you can make the outfit look and feel very different by choosing the colour you team it up with. 

As you can see in the photo these pants have several different colours, so I wanted to have a look at how it would go with white as well as black. I actually like both, however they feel very different to me.

OOTW 20181217 (1).jpg

The outfit with the white top feels more light and fresh to me, a bit more summery and relaxed.

The black top makes the outfit look a bit more dressy, even though it is still casual. If I had changed the shoes to a pair of black pumps it would look even more dressy. But as I am wearing a cork wedge that will make it more casual.

I decided to add some colour and fun to my earrings to balance it and take the attention back to my face. Otherwise the pattern in the pants would be the focal point.

I could have gone for a brighter colour, like a green or purple, as they are also colours in the pattern. Both of these bright colours would have made the outfit bolder and look more creative.

I am wearing: Pants: Colombia, White top: Basque, Black top: Forever New, Shoes: Francesco Morichetti, Earrings: a present.

Why not start thinking about how can you mix different tops with bottoms in a way that you have never done before and check out the results! 

Have an amazing week! 

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Alba Gomez is an image and personal brand coach, keynote speaker, first impressions specialist and professional image consultant.

Born in Colombia and based in Australia, she travels nationally and internationally for speaking, executive coaching, consulting and training.

Alba works with individuals and small groups right through to large corporations. She brings her client’s image into line with their personal and professional roles, giving them the clarity and confidence to look and feel their best. Alba uses a unique, results-orientated approach, drawing on her 14 years of experience with systems and processes as an engineer.