Let’s take an honest look at your personal style. Does it truly reflect how you feel on the inside?

Too often we unconsciously let our past govern our future. Time passes so quickly in our busy lives that before you know it you are now forty and still trying to rock the style you did in your twenties. It may still work for you but chances are it probably needs some tweaking.

Or your circumstances have changed, maybe you have gone from being in a corporate role to a stay at home mum and you have lost your style. The first thing to do is to figure out which of your clothes don't fit your lifestyle and then we can work on changing them. We are going to this in 3 key areas:

Foundation Garments: Before you consider anything else in your wardrobe look at your foundation garments first. If you are not wearing the right size or style for you any effort you have to put into creating a wonderful outfit will be quickly sabotaged by ugly underwear lines. It’s like building a house on shaky stilts.

Let’s Embrace Colour: Colour is perhaps the most potent force in your wardrobe but as we age or our lifestyles change so should the colour we wear. Make sure you are wearing the colour that suits your current skin, hair and eyes and not something that looked good years ago.

If you are a mum and struggle with colour consider embracing darker shades of your colour palette rather than heading straight for black. Alternatively you can use accessories to add a pop of colour in the vital V area.

Within seconds of meeting you, others will respond to the colour you wear. When choosing colours be aware of the impact they will have on your shape and size. Colours will also impact on an emotional level - how they will make others feel, what will they communicate to others about your personality and how appropriate is the colour for the occasion.

Creating clothing clusters is a clever and easy way to build versatile wardrobe clothes. you'll no longer be tempted to waste money on impulse items that don't go with anything you own. Remember you can mix and match what you already have in your wardrobe. I find most women are not aware of all the possible mix and match combinations they already own. For more on wardrobe clusters read my article here

Using these 3 simple steps to get started updating your wardrobe should have you well on the way to loving what you wear and delighting about getting dressed in the morning.

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