There is no secret to this. People connect with other people they like and trust.

Your presence is the energy you bring with you when you walk into a room. It will determine if people like you or not and it will affect the results you get in life and business.

But how can you create a presence that is authentic and has you being remembered?

These are 5 important aspects to consider:

1.   Your brand essence: What makes you, you, and unique? In 3 words how would you describe the essence of your brand? That is who you are in your most authentic but empowered version. The first step to creating your personal brand is to reconnect with who you are and actually get to know and accept yourself completely.

2.  Your presence: Your presence and your body language do most of the ‘talking’ when you first meet someone. Is your body language aligned with your message? If not, your message can get lost. How you dress, how you use your body language and how you communicate must be consistent and congruent. That is how you create a presence that stands out and gets you noticed

3.  Your style personality: We all have a very unique style personality and I encourage you to re-connect with it. There are certain industry-standards that you might want to consider. However, it is crucial that your image is a true and authentic representation of who you are. You don’t need to wear black suits and white shirts or blouses to look credible and professional. The science of impression management shows how balancing different elements of your image can portray you as a leader while staying true to yourself and your style personality

4.  Looking good: Looking good is important. Not only because people will make assumptions about your capabilities and attention to detail based on what they see but because there is a huge link between how you present yourself and how you see yourself. You want to be able to show on the ‘outside’ how capable and intelligent you are. Your look says a thousand words about you. Be careful with the style of clothes you wear and the fit. The fit of your clothes is super important. An expensive suit in the wrong fit won’t do anything to increase your presence.

5.  Colour and impression management: The colours you wear can have a massive impact on how you are perceived. They are a huge element when it comes to impression management. By adjusting not only the colours you wear but the contrast you create with the clothes close to your face, you can appear to be more approachable or credible. You can appear to be healthier and even be seen as more professional. Low contrast level (wearing 2 colours close to each other in depth) can make you go unseen, medium contrast (wearing a dark with a light/bright colour) is always appropriate as well as the most people friendly contrast level to use, and wearing a high contrast level (2 colours completely opposite to each other) can make you seen as very creative.  

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