One of the comments I hear a lot from professional women is how difficult is to be themselves while looking professional and industry appropriate. One of the parts of my business I enjoy the most is helping women stay true to who they are while still creating a strong and powerful image that they love.

Today we are talking about how to dress like a stylish and confident leader.

To clarify, yes! you want to be seen as a leader, you must become the leader of your industry. In order to stand out you must have an edge. And your style and presence can give you that. You want to look the part!

When you know you are looking the part and feeling confident with how you are carrying yourself you can focus on what you have to say. You won’t be distracted wondering what others are thinking about you. 


I have introduced you to my client Lisa before. She is a great example of someone who thought looking confident meant she had to wear black suits and white shirts. And like Lisa I have many clients who have that same misconception. 

So today I want you to know that a structured jacket will always make you more powerful but it can be done in a fun way. And most importantly you get to find a way to feel 100% comfortable in your power dressing.

Fit and colour can help you create a credible look. Yes! colour. Solid colours that are medium to dark in value will help you with that more than pale or pastel colours.

Semi-fitted and structured clothes will also help you look more confident and powerful. Jackets can be in stretchy fabrics for more comfort.

Knee length is the most professional length for skirts and dresses. And team that up with a pair of pumps (closed shoes) and you are looking confident and ready!

Leaders lead and how do they lead? They lead themselves with their bodies. They are not ashamed of who they are or what they look like. This is not about being a super model, this is about having clothes that fit, this is about having a stand out style, this is about having an opinion, this is about knowing who you are.

This is about being proud of who you are no matter your size, height or background This is absolutely portraying the best version of you as it is today.

Because your self-confidence shows in everything you do you will be able to attract the top people in your industry to collaborate with you, to want to work with you, to trust you.

Are you a professional woman in Perth?

Are you ready to create a stylish and confident presence?

The next STYLE AND PERSONAL BRAND workshop will be sure to be a super fun and insightful morning where you will learn how to be more confident standing out and looking the part.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a fantastic week.