When people first hear what I do, it’s common for them to say, “Personal Brand doesn’t matter for me”. They think that it’s only for famous people, high flyers or big corporations and that as an individual or small business owner it plays no part in their journey.

But here’s the thing - everyone has a Personal Brand - the stay at home mum, the corporate lawyer, the admin person ….absolutely everyone.


The definition of Personal Brand is what people think of when they hear your name, simplifies it doesn’t it? Absolutely everyone you know will bring up some kind of image when you think of them. It affects how intelligent, credible and capable we are seen as and it can most certainly affect your life.

If you are working in a corporate role, then your Personal Brand can affect your promotion opportunities at work but it can also affect your daily interactions with other staff and what tasks you are allocated.

If you are seen as more confident and capable, you are likely to progress more rapidly, and others will be drawn to you. Have you ever noticed that one person in the office who everyone seems to get along with? It’s highly likely that person has an authentic and consistent personal brand.

The essence of them on the inside is portrayed perfectly on the outside so they are trusted and liked.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it is equally important and we are the ones who are more often on show. Our Personal Brand becomes part of the company’s brand because we are the sole or main face of the business.


Think about whether you have ever decided not to work with a small business and then think about what comes to mind when you think about that business. That is the Personal Brand they are projecting and it can certainly have a negative impact.

Even in other working roles such as retail, a Personal Brand can make a difference to your life.

For example, if you approach a sales assistant and they are busy chatting about their weekend and latest love interest and leave you hanging, what impression do you get? Most likely, you assume they are immature, uninterested in their role and unprofessional.

We project an impression on people with every interaction we have and it is instantaneous.

Personal Brand matters even down to our closest personal relationships. Have you ever heard someone threaten their kids with the other parent when they misbehave? This is an example of one parent having a different Personal Brand when it comes to their children than the other, one is seen as the enforcer of rules and the other as the pushover.

See, even down to our kids, Personal Brand is at play.

I want you to start thinking about Personal Brand as the message we send out rather than as a corporate catchphrase. It is about our appearance but that is only one part, you need to include body language, tone of voice, your actions, personal interactions and your message.

Personal Brand is a fascinating area to delve into and I guarantee it will help you get ahead in your life and work life.

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PS - Do you want to learn more about creating a credible and trustworthy Personal Brand so others see you as a leader in your field? If you are in Perth you can join me for my next Half Day Workshop, find out all the details here